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Academic Hoods and Caps Traditional Burgon Style

Traditional burgon style finely-made hoods with Free UK Delivery. The hoods have a matt black cowl and beautiful satin lining in red, burgundy, French navy, royal blue, sky blue, emerald green, bottle green, purple, gold or white.

Buy Oxford and Cambridge Hoods

A BA Bachelors hood, sometime called Burgon style or ‘simple shape’, has it's origins in Oxford and is occasionally referred to as an Oxford hood. Many institutions use these for BA bachelors degrees, although there are some institutions that use them for MA Masters Degrees. The MA Masters hood, commonly knows as ‘full-shape’, has it's origins in Cambridge and is often referred to as a Cambridge Hood. Some institutions use these for MA Degrees - but these days they are used for BA Degrees as well.

High Quality Materials

Our stock University Hoods are lovingly crafted using the finest heavyweight polyester for the cowl and beautiful satin. In addition, our Elegance Of Academic hoods are handmade in England. We only use the most luxurious of fabrics to ensure that our clients look stunning on their special day.

Online Intranet Ordering for more than 250 students

For larger institutions with over 250 students graduating at one time we offer an on-line reservation page, linked from your intranet, where students can log-in and fill in their height details in order to ascertain they have the correct garments on the day.

High Quality Fabric Composition

Our gowns are made from high quality luxury, soft-feel polyester weave and are finished in a stylish matte black, conforming to the highest standards of traditional Cambridge style academic dress. The soft feel fabric means that they can be worn all day without irritation and modern fabrics mean that the gowns store very well and lend themselves to either frequent, or infrequent use worry free.

Hire or Buy Graduation Gowns and Robes

Buy an academic cap and gown together - choose from a range of academic robe colours. Bespoke personalisation is available on all gowns and headwear in either print or embroidery. You can hire any of our robes should you not wish to buy online from our shop.