PhD Gowns & Hoods

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PHD Graduation Gowns and Hoods


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After all the hard work you invested in earning your Doctorate, purchase a fabulous garment that truly portrays the academic credentials.


Luxury PHD Graduation Gowns


Our Elegance of Academia PHD Graduation gowns are crafted especially for those with a discerning eye for style. Using the very highest quality heavy weight, sumptuous, luxury, twill weave fabrics to tailor a garment that features a beautifully detailed, fluted, back, stiffened yoke and traditional Magyar or bat-wing style sleeves.


American Style PhD Gown with Hood


The facings to the front of the gown and along the arms are made in a sumptuous velvet. The addition of the hood makes this PhD gown perfect for those who are at the centre of attention and who wish to express their academic standing with pride.


Personalised Graduation Gowns Bespoke Made to Order

Choose a bespoke hand-tailored Graduation gown, for those at the centre of attention to wear a product with pride that uniquely identifies your status. Our bespoke gowns are created from the most luxurious fabrics and are available with the addition of custom-made hoods and a choice from our wonderful range of Tudor bonnets.