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Choir and Cassock Surplices UK Online Store

All of our Choir and Cassock Surplices are manufactured to the traditional Anglican style using only the finest materials. Our cassocks are designed to portray a respectful image. With button fastenings on the front hem and an over-lapped cleat to the rear of the garment to ensure that the wearer is comfortable.

Personalised Cassock Surplices and Church Robes

We are able to add any custom logo or design to any of our Cassock Surplices and Church Robes. Personalised embroidery charges are dependent on the actual size of the logo or emblem or that we may need to embroider instead of print personalisation. Send a message via the contact form with your requirements.

Free UK delivery on Cassock Surplices and Church Robes and all items, excepting Express orders and International delivery.

History of the Cassock Surplice

The Cassock Surplice was originally a long garment with open sleeves reaching almost to the ground. Today they are still popular in the Western Catholic, Anglican, and some Lutheran traditions, however the surplice often has shorter, closed sleeves and the shoulders are square. Anglicans typically refer to a Roman-style surplice with the Medieval Latin term “cotta” which is the Italian translation of "cut-off' - as it is derived from the cut-off alb. English-speaking Catholics normally don’t make the distinction between the two styles and often refer to both simply as a "surplice".