Graduation Stoles

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Personalised Honour Stoles Academic Attire UK Store

Personalise your academic or choral outfits and choose from our range of coloured Honour Stoles. Our stoles are designed to fall without the need to keep adjusting and are finished in the highest quality material. They can be made in either satin or matt fabrics and can be printed or embroidered with any custom logo or image.

Buy Coloured Honour Stoles Online with Free Delivery

Choose from Gold, Silver, Black, White, Yellow, Emerald Green, Claret, Red, Scarlet, Cardinal Red, Forest Green, Sky Blue, Royal Blue, French Navy, Purple or Pink. Have a colour that’s different that you need?  We are able to provide any stole to match your sample of fabric. You can send this to us and we will try our utmost to find the fabric in which to tailor your bespoke stole. We have a minimum order quantity of 20 garments for any special orders.

Free UK delivery on Honour Stoles and all items, excepting Express orders and International delivery.

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